August 8, 2011

5 Perfect Interview Looks

So you’ve done all the legwork and landed yourself an interview for the fashion job of your dreams {or at least the job leading to the job of your dreams}. You're jumping up and down, doing your “oh yeah” dance, updating Twitter and Facebook respectively, and texting your friends and family—when suddenly it hits you, "What do I wear to a fashion interview?"

Unless you have a wardrobe comparable to the fashion closet at Vogue or your mom is Anna Wintour the prospect of dressing to impress your future fashion boss may be overwhelming.  {Step 1 is having the confidence that you already have the job, of course this doesn't mean act like a snob}

So the question remains...what to wear? Well, call me old fashion but no matter how commonplace jeans become they just aren’t appropriate for an interview—anywhere—let alone in fashion. All right, maybe it is okay in a few rare situations in which case make sure the jeans are of a dark wash, straight-legged, with no holes, and ironed.

Here are 5 looks that are sure to land you the job... I even threw in a denim look.

Professional Chic

Lady-Like Business

Color Blocked Classics
Forever 21

New York, New York

Dressy Denim

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