December 13, 2011

Pre-Fall Wins

As the Pre-Fall collections continue to roll in I can't help but think to myself, "Is this for real? Are these the same designers from Spring and Fall?" Know that I mean this only in the best of ways--these collections are amazing. I just wonder, what made the difference? I sure do hope that this is only a glimpse of what is to come. I'm not certain how I will feel if come February I see more of the same: bright pants, prints on prints on prints, and tribal/ethnic motifs. Do not get me wrong, I do love these trends in moderation, but I do feel as though I have seen them repeatedly for a year now--one never ending season.

While you are certainly agreeing or just as likely disagreeing with my claim here are some of my fave Pre-Fall looks via :

Can we be this couple... please?

That's Burberry?

So street-chic


Jason Wu, thank you for your commitment to amazing color.

Temperely is one of my favorite British lines... and I'll give them a get out of jail free card on the polka dot tights since I wore mine last week!

Thakoon gives us texture!

Not usually a big fan of Vera Wang, but I am kind of obsessing over these layers and the long scarf collar thing is amaze. {oh and those socks!}



Zac {Posen}
Can someone give me money and then give me somewhere to go in these Posen dresses?

Okay I think I have proved my point... feel free to comment and tell me how right I am. Haha! 


  1. I'm in love with the Burberry, street chic look! And the Jason Wu skinnies, ah-maz-ing!

  2. First of all, of all the pre-fall shows I've looked at the past couple of days, Zac Posen made me die of dreams and joy. AH. Glad you shared this:)