February 5, 2012

J-WU for Target!

Yes, I went to the J-WU (I think he deserves an abbreviated name like everyone else) for Target section today... of course not until 1:30ish and there was almost nothing left. However, the one shirt I wanted was still there (I don't know what that says about my style...) and I saw the Navy and Red Jersey dress and figured why not?

*Note I apologize that I have no crazy Target stories (I live on the frontier of Arizona)

I really really really wanted this shirt and apparently no one else did... which means hopefully I'll be the only one wearing it! ;) 

I grabbed the only one left, tried it on, and am extremely happy.

P.S. Did anyone else notice that this line seemed to run a little on the big side? I mean NOT that I am complaining I'll be a small any day of the week!

I'll post pics when I actually wear them.. XOXO for now!

1 comment:

  1. I got the same shirt, lol! The red & blue stripes I got in a shirt...luckily we live like 100 miles apart I suppose so we won't be wearing them in the same town! ;)