February 17, 2012

Style Rx

I’m one of those girls that dislike wearing contacts; at the same time I’m not as good about wearing my glasses, as I should be. I only need them for seeing far {aka near sided} so I wear them when seeing is an absolute must, you know like during class and while driving at night so I can see where I am going.

However, seeing as wearing eyeglasses is inevitable in a myriad of situations I like to at least have a stylish pair… or three. Now, I know what you are thinking, that buying glasses is expensive.
iSee 727 Brown.. How absolutely cute are these?!

Well ladies {and gents} I have great news for you, buying your eyeglasses online is a great and inexpensive way to ensure that you’ll have all the stylish options you need for any outfit. Think Giorgio Armani, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole and the list goes on.

Reece Jakob 6004 Blue

When GlassesUSA.com contacted me about doing a blog about their website, I wasn’t too sure how exactly purchasing a pair of glasses online would work. I mean, to me glasses are like clothes: you have to try them on and a lot of them. However, my mind was changed when I learned that they have a nifty feature called the ‘Try-It Mirror,’ a virtual way to try on glasses. Here is me with a pair of glasses I really like:

Not only can you buy glasses from them, but you can also purchase prescription sunglasses, which is great for people like me who basically live in their sunnies.

GalassesUSA.com already has very reasonably priced eyewear, but they were kind enough to give Fashion Route readers a 10% discount off any order of prescription glasses when using the code: Blog10

Have fun and send me some pictures in your favorite glasses!

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