March 8, 2012

güd Review

It's not very often that I blog about bath and body products or  beauty products in general, but I have to tell you about Burt's Bees new güd line (I just discovered it on the shelf at my  nearest Target). I'm always on the look out for natural products and I've used Burt's Bees off and on throughout my search for the best natural products. If you too are on this journey then you know that most of the time natural means no suds, no fragrance...and well, no fun. So when I saw the pretty display at Target I couldn't help but try it (seriously if it says new, has pretty packaging, or a great display I'm sold). Of course first I had to unscrew all the lids and smell them, in which case I decided on Orange Petalooza, I'm sure to my husband's sheer joy--I mean what man doesn't want to smell like a freshly sliced orange?

The Body Wash: It suds and a lot, which I like, but I'm not too keen on the bottle. If you leave the lid popped open then water gets in the bottle and sometimes its a bit more work to squeeze than I would like. I favor a pump.
The Shampoo: Again, there are bubbles...yay! I actually really like this shampoo, my scalp tends to get dry and ultimately flaky (man I'm  being super transparent today), anyway after a few washes that doesn't seem to be an issue!

The Conditioner: The conditioner isn't terribly thick which at first was a bit of a draw back; however, I can tell you that my hair is a lot shinier than usual. Though this is touted as a "softening" conditioner I don't really notice much of a difference in the texture of my hair, if any.

Beside the fact that these products are paraben, phthalates,and  petrochemical free, and not tested on animals, they are also reasonably priced in comparison to other natural bath and body products. I paid $7 or less for each product. 

Given the price and my overall satisfaction, I think it is safe to say I'll be purchasing these products again in the future...and maybe I'll even try a new scent!

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