May 23, 2012

Fashion Inspiration Illustration

I guess I have been feeling a bit artsy lately, maybe its my fanciful novels I read for school, or my favorite Facebook Notifications from Babe & Butter... either way I thought we should discover the world of Fashion Illustration (again that is, check out Tanina Jackson's art here). When I did go to fashion school, for that short time, the one class I fell in love with that I never expected to was Fashion Illustration and my professor actually told me with hard work and practice I was going to be great. One day I hope to pick up the charcoal again (my husband may not be too happy about that, talk about a mess!), but until then let us appreciate these beautiful pieces of art.

Gladys Perint Palmer is an internationally renowned fashion illustrator who has a resume that runs the gamut from Vogue to the Metropolitan Museum to her very own fashion illustration books

Illustrations by Gladys Perint Palmer via Fashion Illustration Gallery

Another favorite of Mine is Bil Donovan, Artist-in-Residence for Dior Beauty. 
Actually... let's promote him to my favorite. 
All Illustrations by Bil Donovan via The Well Life

Sophie  Griotto is a French girl after my own heart... I can't get enough.

All Illustrations by Sophie Griotto via

Sophie Griotto

I think I may have inspired myself take that newsprint out from underneath the bed!

Do you have any favorite fashion illustrators? Please do share!

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