June 7, 2012

I Heart Wool

Wool. Just looking at the word may conjure memories of your mom forcing you to wear that dreaded scratchy winter wool coat. Well, that is not the wool I'm talking about today, rather I want to introduce you to Merino wool: soft, comfortable, natural, renewable, and fine. Not only is it not scratchy, it is not restricted to winter coats, some of our favorite designers use this wool in their RTW collections each season. Just this past February Alexander Wang used Merino wool elements in 20 of his pieces for the Fall 2012 RTW collection. 

So what's all this talk about wool? Well, not only does Merino wool show up on the tall beauties of fashion week, but now it can show up on you, thanks to the Wrapped in Merino campaign. 

The Woolmark Company has created a never-ending virtual wool scarf, collaboratively designed by you... and me (check it out). 

Head on over to the Wrapped in Merino microsite and create your part of the scarf... AND you'll be automatically entered to win one of eight fashion prizes packs, including Net-A-Porter vouchers and even your very own Merino wool scarf! (If I win I bet you know what I'll be buying... gosh I love Net-A-Porter!). 

When you're done creating your part of the scarf leave a comment so I can see your FABulous designs! 

You can also connect with the Wrapped in Merino community via Twitter @welovewool and Facebook


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