August 9, 2012

Get Fashionably Fit

If you haven't noticed, I recently added a few categories to this here blog ^^^^ and one of them is Get Fit. My mom says it is my age, and that at 25 she was really into the whole healthy thing and I think I'm just tired of being ummmm out of shape. For the past 5 months I have been working with my TRX trainer twice a week. At first it was a chore and then as I became stronger and began seeing my progress...hello dead lift donkey kick and 47 knee tucks  (you probably have no idea what I'm talking about but you can certainly google TRX workouts) I fell in love.

Knee Tuck
I feel better about myself, I'm way less stressed, and of course the little changes in my body are worth it too. So with all that said I have declared getting fit/healthy as FASHIONABLE!

As I am now a bit obssessed with getting healthy I have uped my workouts from twice a week to twice a day *usually*. Now before you are way too impressed with this, one of my two workouts is yoga and usually the relaxing kind. From now on I'll try to post as often as I can about what I'm doing to get healthy, but until then here is a workout to try.

I am officially Blogilates biggest fan


  1. hey there! newest follower to your awesome blog! found you through adrian loves owls - are you in the phoenix area!? i live in the arcadia area! cant wait to read more from ya!

    1. Hi! So glad you stopped by I love getting to know PHX bloggers!! :) I also love the Arcadia area ;) I'm currently in the process of moving toward ASU.