August 14, 2012

Shop Garment District - PHXFW Emerging Designers

I want to start off by thanking Phoenix Fashion Week for another great event. Seriously, these ladies and gents know how to put together a fun show, never a dull moment. 

The Phoenix Fashion Week Shop Garment District event is a chance for buyers, bloggers, photogs, and the community to get a taste of what is to come in October (3-6) at  Phoenix Fashion Week 2012.

It was fun getting to meet the emerging designers at their tables and to see their clothing up close and personal. 


Though all the designers were friendly, I really connected with Ofra Aricha of OfraStyle--she is truly endearing! Ofra, who is orginially from Israel, specializes in convertible clothing for women (dresses, jumpsuits, and activewear) that can be worn at least 2-3 different ways.

Soon to be America's Next Top Model
For me the highlight of the night was the fashion show (...and the people watching) in which each emerging designer previewed 4 pieces. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the designers had stepped it up since their first showing at the Emerging Designer Announcement. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

ENVY by Khanh


Suzanne Lay
And of course we can't end a blog post without a picture of my lovely blogger friends Joanne of Fabulously  Average and Angela of Forward Fashion Diary.

And before I forget,  Thank You Lauren Pfingstag for the AMAZING VIP Swag bag filled to the brim with a little somethin' somethin' from each designer! :)


  1. i was there too! :) i can actually see me behind two of the models in the first photo, lol

    xo brie

  2. I though that was you but I didn't figure it out until I got home! Lol

  3. You look gorgeous and sophisticated in your LBD. I missed this one so Ill see you at the next one it looks like you ladies had a great time : )