1FASH·ION noun \ˈfa-shən\ : the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time.

My name is Kristianne and I love fashion. Throughout the years I have had some amazing experiences >>> interning with a fashion designer, interviewing some of my favorite bands like Switchfoot and Paramore among others, stylish celebs like Lauren Conrad for Intern Queen Inc., and fab designers and fashion professionals (Ken Downing & Rubin Singer ring a bell?). I am also a fashion and beauty blogger for a regional magazine.

1ROUTE noun \ˈrüt, ˈrau̇t\: an established or selected course of travel or action.

As I travel my FASHION ROUTE I’ll share stories, industry events, the latest fashion & beauty news, and anything else that I think you might enjoy along the way.

You can contact me at kristianne.young@gmail.com