August 11, 2011

Mad Men and Women

I’ve often said that I was born in the wrong era. As much as I love these modern times {although sometimes technology scares me} I kind of wish I was a woman in the, well, 1930s-1960s? Basically, any era were women dressed to the nines to do everything. Of course there are many reasons we, as women, do not want to go back to the roles women played during those times. So I’ve decided I’ll have the best of both worlds—I’ll dress to the nines to clean, cook, and show the world I can be a successful career person.

So how am I going to accomplish all of this? With the help of Banana Republic’s new Mad Men line. Have a serious confession: I’ve never watched the show, but before you judge me I promise to catch up on all 4 seasons.

 I literally want every single piece, but here are my favorite looks:

You can purchase these looks at Banana Republic

P.S. Definitely wouldn't mind if my man looked like this either... 

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