October 6, 2011

My Fall Faves

Today's high is supposed to be 75 degrees. Now, for some cities that might be a warm day... I remember when I lived in Michigan if it got above freezing we couldn't wait to go  outside and play. Anyway for us 75 calls for tights, cardigans, and any hot beverage at Starbucks that we can get our hands on. {seriously you should have seen the lines today}. Unfortunately for us this cool weather is merely a mean spirited joke played on us by mother nature because come Monday it will be in the 90s again. 

Okay, I will stop boring you with our weather report and move on to listing some of my favorite things about fall! 

1. It's almost Christmas! I know most people don't even want to begin to think about the hustle and bustle that comes with this Holiday, but I love it.
 {FYI my Christmas countdown starts in July}

Perfect Holiday Party Dress via Prabal Gurung

2. Pumpkin everything.


Pumpkin Shake..mmmm

3. Cuddling with my favorite blanket...which subsequently means I will not want to do anything except maybe sleep, read, or watch a good movie. 

4. Fall Nail Polish Colors
Carolina Herrera Fall 2011

5. Boots! 
Miu Miu
Brian Atwood

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