October 3, 2011

My Fashion Week Round-Up

Yikes! It has been several weeks since I've done a new post. In a sense it is a good thing because I am so busy, but at the same time I truly love to blog. So, I promise from here on out I will keep up. So on to more fashionable things...

Can you believe that we have been through an entire month of Fashion Weeks already? NYC, London, Milan, and Paris. Since that would be entirely too much to recap I think I'll just talk about a few of my favorites. Plus I'm sure you have been keeping up with the myriad of other fashion blogs who have offered their take on all that Spring 2012 has to offer.

Oscar de la Renta

Being that he is my favorite designer of all time, Oscar de la Renta can do no wrong in my eyes. And if he were to take a slight misstep there is an obvious reason as to why {he he}. :) Of course no such thing happened at his Spring 2012 show. I can not get over these gowns.

Emporio Armani

Hello sexy, chic, fashionable, businesswomen... Who wouldn't want to wear this down the busiest NYC street? or any street for that matter! 

Christian Dior

I am a total girly-girl so it is no surprise that I am in love with this collection.

Dolce & Gabbana 
For most people large jewels and in plenty may be tacky but for Dolce & Gabbana it is pure magic. As for the rest of the collection... they could have put spaghetti and meatball prints on the dresses and I would still wear them. 


  1. That first photo is incredible. That gown is divine.

  2. If only I had somewhere to wear it... actually I would wear it around the house if I could :)