September 22, 2011

Shakespeare and Intern Queen

So since I last posted I have had lots of things going on...For one, I procrastinated  on a Shakespeare assignment {In my defense I have gotten so much better at time management and this was the first occurrence in quite a while}, I literally waited until the night before and was so tired that I decided I would finish it at school. Well, I did in fact finish it, but then realized I had no money to print which turned into running around like a madwoman and a $60 ordeal.  I finally have my paper printed and ready to go with 10 min to get to class. 
It was this kind of a day

So, of course I'm rushing to sign in and get my paper turned in on time... fast forward to 3 min before class starts: I'm running up the stairs outside of the building and THUD! I trip tear my new jeans and have a bloody knee. No time to waste I get up and run to class when I realize I need a folder to turn in my paper so I rip out the pocket in my binder and make a faux folder. So embarrassing! It took everything in me not to cry the moment I sat in my seat { unfortunately a series of unfortunate events lead up to that moment... I know how could it have been any worse?}. As it has almost been a week now I can laugh {as did everyone I told} and  say "Lesson learned."

Lauren Berger, Intern Queen

On a much better note I am now a Campus Ambassador for Intern Queen, which I am beyond excited about! Lauren has been such an inspiration to me and her advice is what helped me to get my very first internship in the fashion industry. So if you would like to check out my blog {I only have an introduction so far} please click on the link: My Intern Queen "bio"  Of course the website is linked in my Blog Roll for any other time you may need some inspiration or are looking for your dream internship! If you have any questions about Intern Queen feel free to ask :) 

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