November 28, 2011

Christmas List - The Little Things

There are always those random things that you know you need to get, but you don't, because there are more important things you need to spend your money on. For instance paying your rent, buying dog food, paying someone to fix your car... you know the fun stuff.

So I've decided this year I want the little things for Christmas!

Kate Spade Le Pavillion iPhone 4 Case
$40.00 at Kate Spade

New Body Pillow/or Body Pillow Cover
$110 via Janine on Etsy

Paul Frank Robe
$26.99 at Target

A Very Cool Notebook
$10 via Esty

 Neon Beach Cardcase
$50 at Juicy Couture


  1. i really love that card case. im in desperate need of something like it

  2. Ummm, so I just clicked over to your blog for the first time in a bit and your design is so great!! Love it!

    Also, gimme that robe.

  3. Thanks so much ... it was a lot of trial and error! lol