November 13, 2011

I'm a Gap Girl

So this weekend I went shopping to add a few things to my fall wardrobe at my favorite spot--Gap. Now most of you already know that I have a borderline obsession with Gap.

Though I love the high fashion you see on the runway and in magazines, the ├╝ber-chic styles of the myriad of style bloggers, and the fun, quirky fashions snapped by street style photogs...that's just not me. I'll probably never sport a top-knot, an arm party, or wear a mini with sky-high wedges. That's why I love Gap's classic silhouettes and clean pieces ....and why I love style because everyone has their own. 

{Of course I probably shouldn't say never... in 4 months or even 2 weeks I may just be spotted wearing the highest top-knot you've ever seen...}

My Weekend Purchases:

Tri-blend Slub T $22.95 in
 Deep orchid - purple  & eclipse - grey {in pic}1969 Always Skinny $69.95  Dark {in pic}

Paper Bag Waist Dress $59.95

Twisted flutter-sleeve T $29.95
Tuscan red

Leather tie-back ballet flats $32.99

Get these looks and more at 


  1. I like the gap because they have really nice quality, plain clothes too. However, I do like spicing things I wear up... but there are other stores for that. We all need our nice basics.

  2. Oohh! Really cute! I haven't popped in in a bit and was just saying to myself that I needed some great basics for the cooler weather!