December 6, 2011

Favorite Designer- Oscar de la Renta

I don't think this needs many words but I'll narrate along the way...

{disclaimer: oscar de la renta is my favorite designer... you may now proceed}

I'm excited that polka dots are not leaving us next fall... especially since I've only worn my 
sheer polka dot tights once this year!

The other day I felt completely hopeless and declared "I've decided I do not like boots...nope not one pair!" Well I formally recant and am forever grateful to Oscar for these sexy over the knee boots.

My inspiration to get brave and start mixing patterns, textures, colors etc.

You know that feeling you get when you see a gorgeous piece of clothing? Okay, good. 

I must have a sparkly hood-y...NOW not next year!

*Same Feeling*

This reminds me of my favorite OPI nail polish... anyone else?

I don't care if I can't afford this until it is declared vintage, I will have it. Color, texture, poof, belted, perfect.

Breath taking {P.S. Brittany Byrdy I can totally see you wearing this!}

I just want to put this dress on and spend my summer in Spain.

Thank you Oscar {Standing Ovation}

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. That last dress? Holy.

    ❤ Katherine

  2. I true collection for a woman! Love this! And I agree with Katherine, the last dress? GORG!