January 10, 2012

A New Fave: Alice+Olivia

Okay so if you follow me on Twitter then you already know that I have recently become a huge fan of Alice + Olivia. Here are some of my favorite looks... now all I need is a few thousand dollars!

Autumn Velvet Print Dress $366

This dress is so adorable and chic with the jacket and neck tie!

Malita Striped Tee $176

Talk about chic love the parisian feel of this look.

Fay Cocoon Cardigan $330
Hello spring errand outfit.

Carly Short Skirt $198
I kind of feel like this should have been in the movie Shopaholic...anyone else? 

Check out more amazing looks at aliceandolivia.com


  1. Loving the Parisian outfit, and all of the fabulous hats!

    ❤ Katherine

    1. Right? I think I need to add hats back into my wardrobe!