April 4, 2012

Blogger Style

Once again I have fallen off the blogging wagon, but those of you who are students will understand when I say, "It is the last month of the semester."

Now that I have your sympathy, lets talk style--blogger style. At one of the most recent fashion events where I met up with my fellow Phoenix Fashion Bloggers, after gushing about how cute we all looked, we started talking about what we all look like when we don't see each other... You know like now, when I'm in my old PJs laying in my bed (and the hair oh the hair) or later when I'm alternating between writing and washing the clothes. 

As if that weren't enough real talk for you, let's get really real, we all say (okay more like Tim Gunn says) that PJs are a no-no, getting ready is a must, track suits are so Jenny From The Block, but when you spend most of your time in front of the computer (in your own home) then I don't expect you (me) to wear sky-high heels, a pleated maxi skirt, and your favorite Vince blouse. 

If you are not already, it is time to get comfortable, grab some cereal and your laptop, hop into to bed and check out my  blogger/student/writer wardrobe wish list!

At Karen Kane $90

Don't get me wrong being comfy does not mean that we can't look ah-mazing. I mean you never know when the the door bell will ring and the UPS man is standing at  the door... With this Karen Kane Lace Back Striped Dolman you won't have to pretend you aren't home anymore. I love the comfort the silhouette offers while the lace back takes your look from comfy to casual chic. 

At Vince Camuto $49-$120

A pair of ankle-length black leggings should be a staple in everyone's closet and these Vince Camuto classic leggings are great with a tunic, oversized sweater, or even that Karen Kane Dolman!

Bling Yoga Tank $32.50
Campus Crop Pant $44.50
If you're going to go the route of sweat pants and a tank then there is no better way to do it than with PINK!

littlemissmatched $13

If you're at home with no intention of seeing the light of day, tucked away in your cozy office with all of your favorite electronics... then do yourself a favor and get a pair of adorable, fun, and crazy knee high socks... because you can!

Neiman Marcus $158

Some of you may not be convinced by my stay-at-home wardrobe suggestions... in which case I say, fine, then if you must, do a maxi dress--a Splendid max dress. You'll be comfortable, and only a pair of sandals away from walking out the door.

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