April 10, 2012

My 3 Must-Have Shirtdresses

Today in this lovely state of ours it was 91 degrees, which for me means that it is time to stock up on the spring/summer dresses (I don't do shorts). Normally I favor a solid, bright colored, jersey or cotton dress, but this year I have fallen in love with the shirt dress... It is easy, a bit more dressy than my reg., and it is ultra feminine in a cool way (haha don't you just love fashion descriptions?).

Here are the ones that I'll be stocking up on this season:

This 1950s A-line shirtdress is among my favorites because not only do I love a vintage inspired look, but if it even hints at nautical I'm in! Get this 'Overboard' dress at Shabby Apple, $95

Okay you have approximately 24hrs to get this uber stylish '1969 Chambray' shirtdress from Gap for 25% off using the code GAPGET. Of course even if you decided that you want it after tomorrow, you most definitely should get it--I love the full skirt and imagine how much fun you can have accessorizing it.

A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to help my friend set up the new Madewell store at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Since my sneak peak at all the treasures Madewell has to offer, I've been obsessed. This laid-back, cotton, white 'Sheercheck' shirtdress is a MUST-HAVE.

Where will you be purchasing your must-have shirtdress this spring/summer? Would love to hear from you and maybe even see some pics! 

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