May 4, 2012

Fashion Circle a la Joe Zee

I've been enjoying my first few days of summer vacation (that is until summer classes start in 17 days) watching TV shows, documentaries, and movies on Netflix. Most of them have had some sort of fashion theme... Jane by Design - the whole first season, Love and Other Disasters, and my favorite thus far--All on the Line.  


If you've never seen the show or heard of it, here is a little blurb from the show's website:

Creative Director of ELLE Joe Zee, who The New York Times deems, ‘Fashion’s approachable ambassador,’ will come to the rescue of designers in need of a makeover on their business, design or both in what The Huffington Post called a “must-see” show. 

The Huffington Post is not exaggerating, this is a must-see. Joe Zee doesn't just bring his 20+ years of expertise, but he brings his heart. A "fashion person" who really cares about the well-being & success of others is not always easy to come by in such a competitive industry--making Joe Zee and his fabulous show all the more special. 

This post is not just about the entertainment value that All on the Line has no doubt provided, but a particular episode "Gemma Kahng: I Want a Woman to Look a Little Mad Max and a Little Princess." The storyline revolves around the idea the Gemma needs to take a look at who she surrounds herself with and that her support circle may need some changing. Over and over again Joe Zee made the point that the people you surround yourself with are just as important as the business, the design process, and the product itself. 

My favorite fashion star Ronnie....admittedly I was so bored last week I didn't even watch the entire episode. 
I have been blessed to always have amazing supportive and creative people and mentors around me, but that sometimes takes knowing who to share your passions and ideas with (discretion is a must >> a lesson from mom), distancing myself from not so supportive others ....and also being willing to take constructive criticism and learn (= listen & practice)  from my mentors.

And so, just a reminder to never stop putting yourself out there and making new friends and relationships, but rather tread lightly and keep your passions close... and always be willing to learn!

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