May 16, 2012

Style Inspiration

Style inspiration is all around us these days, I mean just login in to Pinterest and you are faced with thousands upon thousands of images. Inspiration can come from just about anywhere: books, movies, magazines, nature, people etc.

So I thought I would share some of my style inspirations with you today.

Anne Hathaway is a classic beauty and her wardrobe on and off the screen inspires me. I especially love that she really does whatever she wants when it comes to her personal style. And she loves of my favorite colors.

I've always been a fan of old Hollywood films and the glamorous women that old school Hollywood actresses portrayed: the prim and proper house wife, the naive bubbly young lady, the femme fatale, and even the rich snobby wife.

Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis
Vivien Leigh in Gone With The Wind

Hedy Lamarr

And then there is nature: 


So tell me, what inspires your style?

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