August 6, 2012

Shimmer and Shine

Normally I don't rant and rave about beauty (and I feel like I've used this opening before), but I also don't believe in keeping a good thing a secret... well there are some things I'll never tell!

A few months ago my awesome boss, who also happens to be a freelance makeup artist gave me a couple of eye shadows and a pencil. I had never heard of the brand before, basically because I'm not as well versed in beauty as I am in fashion (but I am working on it ;) ! )

Okay I'll stop blabbing, Becca's Eyeshadows in shimmer and demi-matt are my new favorite! I have a lot of lid, meaning I go through shadows super fast, which is why I love these eyeshadows so much, they go on easy adding loads of color. That also means I'm not nearly rubbing off my eyelid trying to rub the color on.

Damask, Chiffon, Boucle ... The colors I've tried so far
The color stays on all day and if I feel like I need a little more color at night, it only takes one swipe. You can even use them wet for a different finish. 

Also if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to some eyeshadows these are fragrance and preservative free... so they just might be the answer to your prayers.

Tied for first is the Becca Line + Illuminate pencil in Madagascar. You can line and brighten and highlight with one product! The liner is smooth and glides on with ease (which also means you need to be extra careful when putting it on---steady...steady....steadddyyy).  And the Illuminate makes highlighting extra quick!

Damask on lid, Boucle in crease, Line + Illuminate in Madagascar - Wish I had  a better pic! Sorry! 

If you are looking to try Becca Cosmetics please do check out their website for more information.

And if you are a fan of eBay then I know just the place to get authentic Becca products at great prices!


  1. Your eyes look soo pretty there. Either you did a good job or the makeup actually IS that awesome. I think it's all you. Come do my makeup! I suck at it!:)

    1. Thanks! I think the picture is just good haha...