September 27, 2013

Budget Shopping

Moving is expensive. 

Therefore, my shopping budget has been nearly non-existent as of late, but I have managed to snag a few good deals. What do you think?

Chambray is chambray is chambray, which is why I had to get this Rubbish ombré chambray shirt on sale at Nordstrom (40% off ). The soft dip-dyed look is a fun variation of this major trend.

I'll be honest, I rarely, if ever, shop at AEO. Not because I dislike their clothing, but because I  associate it with high school, and let's be honest I'm almost at high school reunion age... With that said, I tried my first pair of AEO skinny jeans (because they were $29.99 & still are here) and I actually like them--super stretchy and comfortable.

I have yet to master the headwrap look, but this lace beauty
 (also from AEO) makes practicing worth it!

I managed to spend less than $70 on 3 pieces I'm completely happy with! 

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