December 14, 2013

Christmas Wish List: Eyeglasses

We are just days away from one of my favorite Holidays: the lights are glistening, the people are merry, the Santas are jolly, and the music is cheerful... You get the picture, I really, really, really like Christmas!

Of course, this season is also about gift giving (ok, and getting)! So, what is on my wish list this year?


A little backstory:
Over Thanksgiving, I fell into a deep food coma and rolled over my fave pair of glasses. Yep, completely demolished.

The pair that is no longer. (Not Warby Parker)
Being the fashion loving girl that I am (and because I refuse to wear contacts), I need a great looking pair of glasses to wear with everything from jeans and a tee to a cute party dress. I know what you are thinking, Where can you possibly find such a stylish pair? Well, Warby Parker of course!

I quite literally want every frame from their new Winter Collection, but I won't spoil the surprise, and only show you my top 3!

Hello adorably nerdy Durand in Saddle Russet (I really hope Santa puts these under the tree).

Found my inner hipster in the Chamberlain pair in Whisky Tortoise (

And a hint of chic color a la Edgeworth in Sage.

Even better, each pair is only $95 (including prescription)!

If you aren't in need of a new pair yourself, but looking for that perfect gift for a fellow glasses-wearing fashionista then a Warby Parker digital gift card might be just the thing! Their physical gift cards come with this adorable Make-A-Snowman Kit! (P.S. I still need a new pair ;] )

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Winter Collection Here! 

P.S. I did not receive any gift/product/payment for this post... I just really like fashionable glasses! 

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