August 22, 2011

Busy but Happy

I apologize for not having posted in almost a week. My semester just started and Oy Vey! Getting books, parking permits, figuring out my new schedule, etc. can really wear a girl out! Ok well enough of that... 

Well sort of, since I'm back at school and juggling a lot of different "projects," for a lack of a better word, I thought I would give some tips on how to stay sane while trying to juggle all  the "projects" you may have: school, work, internships, blogging, and of course fun.

1. Get a planner. My mom buys a planner every year and I used to think it was just another unnecessary thing to lug around in my purse—I mean I have my phone after all. Okay, well when your phone dies, or you drop it in the toilet, or you set it wrong {yes sometimes it is the user that is the problem} it is imperative that you have a backup.

2. Sleep when you can. When pursuing your dream, education, career and maybe even a relationship it seems that there is no time for sleep. My solution is to sleep whenever and wherever you can.  My favorite way to get some extra sleep in is to skip washing my hair and throwing it in a messy bun—an extra 10 minutes right there. Of course coffee always helps too.

3. Choose wisely. Yes, it is important to take many of the opportunities that come your way, but taking every opportunity may result in a lack of focus and therefore a lack of expertise. If you want to be in fashion, then stick with opportunities that relate to the industry.

4. Which leads me to… Know when to say no and of course say it kindly. Saying yes to everyone and everything that comes your way can result in a very sleepy, grumpy, and less productive you. If you want to keep your friends, family, and your job learn to say no to things that won't contribute to your happiness, health, or career/dream.

5. Have fun. I promise that if you don't make time for you that you will come to greatly resent what it is that you are working toward. If you still want to love fashion 20 years from now, take a break and do something you enjoy every once in awhile. Reading, going out with friends, watching a movie, video games, getting a massage, dancing... anything just make sure it's fun! 

6. Exercise. Believe me I am the last person who wants to exercise {I  tell my husband that I will sit in the car until he is done}, but it really does help. It not only gives you an extra boost of energy, but it also helps to release stress and tension. Find something you like, my favorite is TRX classes, but you can even take a few laps around your favorite mall ;)

Photo: She Knows Living

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