August 27, 2011

My Back to School Purchases

 So as you know my fall semester {does anyone else want to capitalize the seasons?} started last week and of course I had to purchase a few new pieces. I wanted to share my exciting purchases with you, but first I had to make sure that I truly loved them...  here they are.

American Eagle Raw-Edged Corset Dress, $49.50

Though I'm not generally a fan of AE, mostly because I'm not 12, I couldn't help but try this dress on when I saw it. The printed silk gives it a very feminine feel.

Banana Republic Sheer Dot Tight, $22.50
I don't have $88 to invest in a designer pair of sheer dot tights so I went with the next best thing and I am more than satisfied.

Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans, $69.95
I am a huge fan of Gap Seriously Straight Jeans so I wasn't quite sure how I would like these, but I was pleasantly surprised with them. I think I might have a new fave.

Gap 1969 Lightweight Skinny Boot Jeans, $69.95
My adventurous attitude continued when I purchased these Skinny Boot Jeans. I can never find a pair of black pants that makes my ummm....tush look good. These, however, do the job.{hehe}
Gap Soft V-neck T, $15.00 {got one in navy too}
My style is classic and minimal and therefore I love these Soft V-neck Ts.

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole Save The Day Flats, $45.00

How can you go wrong with a pair of flats that have a flower on top? Even more so, how can you go wrong with leopard flats that have a flower on top?

P.S. All of these are linked to their appropriate websites :)


  1. You'r back to school purchases are so cute! I love that dress, those tights & your flats!

  2. Thanks girl the flats are soooo comfy too!

  3. I love that AE dress!! I used to work there back in the day (during high school), but don't think I've been back in since then! Looks like i'll be making a trip soon.

    ❤ Katherine