June 21, 2012

Comment dit-on Skincare?

There are a myriad of things that I believe must be present in a girl's life...You know, the type of things that are worth saving for (a designer handbag) and making time for (brunch with the girls). Among my list of must-haves is the spa experience. When life gets hectic (work, school, the dog gets sick, the washing machine explodes etc.) there is nothing like entering a space solely devoted to you and your relaxation. In my personal opinion the spa experience should be a part of every woman's health regimen (seriously, right up there with cardio & water).

FYI the title of this blog is in french and literally reads: How do you say skincare? 

With that said, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity presented to me by the Saks Fifth Avenue Phoenix Cosmetic Department to come in and enjoy a complimentary facial this past Monday. 

Let's start with a facial recap:

After I met with Yvette my (Saks') Sisley Specialist at the Sisley counter she guided me to a fully equipped Spa Room. Yep that's right, there are little relaxation sanctuaries hidden in a hallway just steps away from the Cosmetic Department: spa music and all.

Before starting the facial, Yvette gave me a little history on Sisley Paris Cosmetics: A French company specializing in botanical skincare products. 

The facial itself was one of the best I've ever had (I give permission to Yvette to say "I told you so."). Unlike facials I've had in the past where I'm supposed to come up with my questions and concerns, Yvette offered up her knowledge giving me tips specific to my skin. Even more, she gives an excellent neck, shoulder, and hand massage... I was fighting sleep. 

On the top of my list of favorite parts of the facial was the smell of the products. I am a huge fan of aromatherapy (I spritz calming spray like nobody's business) and I can't tell you how wonderful the Sisley products smell. It was like heaven for any aromatherapy junkie. 

Tied for first, is the feel of these products. I was so relaxed that I didn't  even think about the fact that at no time did my skin feel itchy, irritated, or some other weird sensation until Yvette brought it up. Not only that but these products feel great too--rich, creamy, and yet light and not greasy. 

When my hour of luxury was over Yvette was kind of enough to send me home with a baggy full of samples! And honestly every time I use them it's like reliving the experience (<<This is not an exaggeration ask my lovely blogger friend at Heroine Chic). 

The products range in price from $150 to $700, but like I said there are some things worth saving for... and to have great skin NOW and when I'm older (sorry ladies it's going to happen) is worth it... and believe me I'll be saving and/or begging the people who love me to gift me skincare! 

I realize this post is getting long so let's get straight to Yvette's expert advice:

Why should we invest in such an intensive skincare regimen in our twenties?
Prevention! Keeping your skin in great condition. (Note: Yvette has zero wrinkles and now I'm a believer).

Sisley Must-Haves:
Eye Cream
Face Cream
All Day All Year

And drink WATER! Ok that was really her advice to me, but I think we all need to heed her warning!

If you would like to set up an introduction to the Sisley line and for more great skincare advice you can schedule an appointment at the Saks Fifth Avenue in Phoenix at 602.955.8000 or visit a Saks near you.


  1. Wasn't it a wonderful experience? And what is that dang French word for skincare? I need all of these, literally.

    1. I am dreading the day my samples run out!!!