June 22, 2012

New To Me

Like most people, I tend to shop at the same places and for the same brands. This is in no way intentional, okay maybe semi-intential because it is easy! I know what styles look good on me, fit my body correctly, and it won't take me more than a couple hours to emerge with a new outfit or two.

However, I've recently come across a few "new" (as in new to me) brands that I think I want to check out. I've also decided that I would like to start saving money to purchase pieces that, though may be a bit above my normal price range, will last me longer and survive more than one season or one wash.... and yes sometimes that means even waiting until they are on sale!  

Cabe is one of my new favorites and I actually did a little review on their Resort 2013 collection here recently. After reviewing the collection, I knew I had to check out their Summer 2012 collection, and the deal was sealed--I'm a fan. The brand is fairly new and can only be found in a few stores and boutiques (for now) ... Not sure when I'll be able to see these pieces in person but I can't wait!

How great is this 'Mini Blazer'? Perfect for every season!

A little or rather a lot more sexy is this hot 'Tiered Leather Mini' Love that they styled it with a sweater.
Ali Ro has been on the fashion scene since 2007 and "embraces an effortless simplicity." For the minimalist like me, that is sweet music to the ears.

This teal, color-blocked dress is perfect for a summer day on the beach, $135
You'll remember Jill Aiko Yee from our interview with her not long ago... This young designer has made a fan of famed MTV VJ SuChin PaK... and me! lol I'm positive you'll be a fan too.

This dress is a must-have... seriously where can't you wear this?

Fifteen-Twenty has won my heart and the heart of  just about every hot, young, sexy celebrity in Hollywood (just take a look at their press section). Every piece is fun and flirty!

The ruffles are uber feminine!

I think I've tweeted and facebooked this picture more times than I would like to admit...
Your turn to share... Do you love any of these brands? What are some of your new favorite lines? 


  1. Ooh I've never heard of these brands, I'll have to check them out!
    My go to brands are the usual H&M/Topshop/Zara :D
    Georgia, Now following you lovely x

    1. Thanks so much Georgia! I'm pretty much obsessed with Zara :)

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  3. Annia love your blog! So happy we found each other :)

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