July 6, 2012


Sometimes things don't go as planned... Like how I  planned a grand vacation to the shores of sunny California to watch the fireworks on the beach, mingle with fashionable designer friends at the Hester Street Fair, and sip coffee in the early morning while the salty breeze found its way through my flowing hair.

So I am positive that at this point you can understand why I was a bit depressed when my very real and very grand plan did not go as planned. And yet, sometimes the falling through of one set of plans leads to an even better plan, one that perhaps you couldn't have planned at all. And that is exactly what happened last night, as my husband and I set out to celebrate a blissful 4 years of marriage!

Believe it or not, this is actually the first time we have had the opportunity to celebrate our anniversary since we said "I do" on July 5, 2008. 

With all of the fine dining options in the Phoenix metropolitan area to choose from we finally settled on Tarbell's in Biltmore/Arcadia, for one and one reason only, I'm a huge fan of Iron Chef America and owner Mark Tarbell was the only chef to win in all of season five. The atmosphere and food were both amazing... the perfect romantic setting. {Also they have the most exceptional homemade chocolate mousse!!!}

As with any new dining experience I was concerned about the dress code (I'll just tell you right now I NEVER get it right), and thankfully Tarbell's website had the answer: "'Resort Casual.'  We see everything from denims to diamonds." As soon as I read those nine wonderful words, I knew the exact outfit I would be celebrating in. 

This outfit was actually meant for seaside firework watching, but it found it's way to a different set of fireworks 
(the love kind...awwww). 

I absolutely love this metallic gold cross over top by Karen Kane. I had no problem dressing it up with a cute pair of wedges and a stack of bangles. But the best part is that I can look totally cozy chic even in a 100+ degree weather! The fabric is ultra lightweight making it perfect for layering with a long sleeve for an evening by the water or with a simple cami {as I did} for a hot date with your man {I did that as well}!

We took a little stroll through Biltmore Fashion Park afterward... and yes my husband is the one behind the camera. That's why I look so happy! 

 Cross Over Top: c/o Karen Kane | Blue Ankle Pants: Target | Snakeskin Wedges: Chinese Laundry (similar style) |  Nolita Satchel Bag: Jessica Simpson 


  1. aww I love your style :)
    great post!!


    1. Thanks so much and your blog is adorable!