July 23, 2012

My Fashion & Beauty NEEDS

Sometimes there are things that you absolutely NEED in your life... Right now, these are mine:

A Babe & Butter Handbag... My favorite fashion artist has made my dream tote!

Also one day when I'm rich, or at least have some extra cash, she will be the first person I call for all of my fashion artwork :)

It is almost time for fall semester, and this year I want to ditch the black JanSport (aka Old Faithful), the tote (I love my Mrs. Marc by Marc Jacobs) for a satchel (kind of like Andy Sachs at the end of The Devil Wears Prada). You see, I'm what my husband calls a nerd. No worries, I totally embrace it... I'm an English major who loves books, and corny jokes, my glasses (never contacts), and plaid.

I chose this Old Boy Satchel by ASOS because I think I can wear it just as well, if not better than him! ;)

Apparently I have a bag problem, so moving on. I think I need ombre hair, yes because everyone else has ombre hair and no not because everybody has ombre hair. Confusing I know, but how else would I know that I wanted ombre hair if everyone didn't already have it... right?

And last but not least, I need this book right now. Which honestly will only take about 5 seconds to download on my iPad and so this won't be too hard to accomplish.

You can read more about it on my favorite makeup/beauty website here.

And Please do share the fabulous things you NEED right now... 


  1. love love love the babe & butter purse! Tanina Jackson is an amazing artist!

    1. Brooke she really is the best! :) Thx for stopping by!!