July 18, 2012

Spa Day at Spa Avania

On Monday I decided to take advantage of the spa certificate I received at the AZ Spa Girls Summer Spahhh event at Spa Avania at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort at Gainey Ranch (read about it here). It was much welcomed after a weekend full of kids parties (one of which required me crawling on hands and knees inside of a 25-foot jungle gym tree). The spa certificate allowed me to get one of three 60-minute treatments, I chose the 60-minute Avania Massage. 

The spa experience actually started 24 hours before I ever arrived at 7500 E. Doubletree Ranch Road as the spa receptionist left me a very detailed voicemail telling me exactly what I could look forward to the following day, what to bring (swimsuit, gym clothes etc.) and all of the amenities I would have access to for the entirety of the day. 

Now, normally I'm the type of spa goer that checks in 15 minutes before my scheduled treatment (as suggested by such and such's spa website) and leaves right after. I was surprised when the check-in time for Spa Avania was 60 minutes prior to any treatments (with the option to come in as soon as the spa opens and stay until the spa closes). 

This spa hospitality encouraged me to take the next step in my spa experience... go in early and leave late. For some, the idea of laying around and doing nothing for several hours is a bit overwhelming, but Spa Avania has enough amenities to keep you busy and relaxed for your entire visit, no matter how long you decide to stay.

Upon check in (I arrived about an hour early), I was greeted by the friendly receptionists and then escorted down to the women's locker room by a spa attendant who then gave me a tour of all of the spa's amenities. She also gave me a rundown of Spa Avania's philosophy, " A time-focused philosophy grounded in the body’s natural daily rhythms and requirements." That means that the music, treatments, and even the water offerings change three times a day based on the body's natural rhythm (morning, afternoon, and evening). 

While I waited for my treatment, I decided to try out the steam room infused with eucalyptus  and then took a dip in the Celtic mineral pool for 15 minutes to get myself in relaxation mode. When my time came around, I was escorted from the relaxation room to the treatment room by my therapist, Dawn. Before the massage started I was given a choice of music and oils (I chose the vanilla oil). 

The massage was fantastic and I felt beyond refreshed at the end of it. Like I said, usually I leave right after my treatment, but Dawn encouraged me to relax by the pool after first going into the steam room and then dunking in the Cold Plunge a couple of times ( a small pool kept at 60 degrees) noting that "you'll feel like a new person afterward." Well, I heeded her advice, but I could only handle the Cold Plunge once; however, I definitely felt like a new woman. 

I also tried, the outdoor waterfall shower, another dip in the Celtic pool, and then layed out by the pool under an umbrella (caught up on my magazine reading) and had myself a fantastic lunch which included a granola and berry yogurt parfait, caesar salad, rolls, and an iced green tea. 4 1/2 hours later and my spa day ended with a relaxing hot shower in Spa Avania's fantastic 9-headed shower (I've always wanted to try one and so I was super excited... probably too excited). 

I highly recommend that if you happen to be in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area that you choose Spa Avania for your next spa day! By far my best experience so far... I may even want to change the name of this blog to FASHION & SPA ROUTE, because we all know how much I love me a great spa day!  

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